Catering Spreads

    • Signature Bento Buffet

    • Serves 10


      Roasted Chicken

      Tamagoyaki Egg

      Organic Tofu Cutlet

      Seasonal Slaw

      Organic Tomato Salad

      Seasonal Pickles

      Crispy Shallots

      Sticky Quinoa Rice with Sesame

      Smoked Ancho Sauce

      ADD Oak Smoked Salmon (+ $4 pp)

      ADD Iced Green Tea (+ $1 pp)

    • Family Style Bento Platter

    • Serves 10

      Quinoa Sticky Rice
      Seasonal Slaw
      Crispy Shallots
      Pickled Lotus Root
      Choose One Entree:
      Chicken Curry
      Cauliflower Curry
      Pork Teriyaki
      Tofu Teriyaki
      Choose One Side:
      Japanese Pumpkin + Potato Salad
      Organic Tomato Salad with Ginger Dressing


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